HYT Skull Red Eye Diamonds Black DLC Titanium and Pink Gold 2015 151-DG-45-RF-AB replica watch

HYT Skull Red Eye Diamonds Black DLC Titanium and Pink Gold 2015 151-DG-45-RF-AB replica watch

What is the HYT H4 Gotham watch?

Well, basically it is HYT H1, which has a skeleton movement in the HYT skull Watches case. The skull expands the already large 48.8mm wide H1 case to 51mm, and other case changes have been made, such as the removal of the crown guard.

However, in this very lightweight carbon material, the wrist will not feel heavy or too large (even if the thickness is 17.9mm). If you want to wear a large watch, you may wish to wear something like this, which combines the radical design with the cool movement you really want to see in sports.

If you are a newbie here, but have not heard of HYT, then the brand's focus is to use liquid to help indicate the time.

This HYT H4 Gotham uses red liquid to indicate hours in a specially developed hose and bellows system. The more traditional hands on the dial indicate the minutes, while the auxiliary seconds dial and the power reserve indicator on the left are on each side. It is not that the movement of the H1 watch is not completely skeletonized, but that the movement of HYT H4 raises the sapphire crystal plate to a notch and bridges most dials on some movements.richard mille skull

HYT may immediately become the coolest luxury watch brand in the game

HYT, "Hydraulic Mechanical Watchmaker" released their third watch model-HYT Skull. HYT once again created an unprecedented design. Skeleton watches may not be new, but HYT Skeleton is the first futuristic skeleton watch to enter the watch game.

The most interesting part of HYT skull is that it does not mean minutes. There are two versions of the HYT skull, one is DLC black titanium alloy with green liquid, and the other is 18K rose gold with DLC black titanium alloy and has red liquid. They are called "HYT Skull Green Eyes" and "HYT Skull Red Eyes", respectively, and the new HYT case sizes they use are 51mm wide and 17.9mm thick.

According to Ariel Adams of ablogtowatch.com: “The inside of the HYT Skull watch is an exclusive HYT movement. You integrate its proprietary bellows and capillary system to move the liquid, which can be seen under the“ teeth ”of the skull The case can be seen through the sapphire crystal glass window, which makes the movement more beautiful. The movement runs at 4Hz (28,800 bph) and has a power reserve of about 65 hours. I like the design concept of traditional movements and modern aesthetics. Of course , The matching green or red colored sapphire crystal feels good, adding charm to the overall appearance of the HYT Skull replica watches luxury. "

HYT won the "Most Popular Men's Watch" award

Geneva-marked exclusive luxury watch brand HYT (Hydraulic Mechanical Watchmaker) won the "Favorite Men's Watch" award in this year's Asia's largest luxury timepiece and jewelry showcase "Traversing Time and Space. To celebrate its eighth annual exhibition, this annual showcase has become a global iconic product, bringing together the largest and most famous brands in the watch and jewelry industry.

HYT H1 Dracula DLC won the prestigious "Most Popular Men's Watch" award, and we can no longer be proud of it. According to watchmaker Brice Goulard,

“HYT H1 Dracula was inspired by Count Dracula, the most famous vampire in classical literature. To embody the spirit and Gothic atmosphere of the novel written by Bram Stoker, HYT chose an all-black DLC-coated case filled with several blood red tones. This liquid also has the same color as the HYT H1 Red2 replica watches for sale. The dial uses the same monochromatic design and has a dark gray coating. "

HYT once again showed a revolutionary watch. By pushing engineering technology to new heights and creating a design that produces real emotions, HYT is developing into the high-end luxury market. Before the advent of the HYT timepiece, mixing mechanical and liquid in a watch was a dream-or a nightmare. The Geneva Seal is very excited about our own HYT H1 Dracula winning the "Most Favorite Men's Watch Award". Now, for more information about watches,

"In the second round, a blood-red accent can be found on the power reserve indicator and the crown. The strap is made of very cool black crocodile leather with red veins. The movement is now also coated in black , Instead of rhodium-plated. The same is true in other versions. We also noticed some changes in the central dial, showing minutes, with a larger index, and always coated with luminescent materials. We can expect better readability at night. " Brice explained.B.R.M V12-44 Italia replica watch

HYT Watches launches new Skull 48.8

Still life is always related to stillness. Just like the elements in one of the unforgettable paintings, HYT Skull 48.8 comes to mind. This unique timepiece constantly reminds people to grasp the importance of every second. Emphasizing the passage of time in the liquid, it focuses on the power of the moment, which is the panacea of ​​life.

The fascinating protagonist of the fascinating passage of time is the skull-shaped capillary. The patented fluid module and unique mechanical movement make this a reality. Colored liquids symbolize reflection, while transparent counterparts have reservations about the future. Their meeting point of the meniscus just depicts the present life. The wide eyes on the Skull 48.8 dial deliberately intimidated, prompting onlookers to carefully observe how they spent time. Behind the right eye is a rotating disc, which represents the precious time that gradually fades from dark to pale every second. Putting time on the important momentum center stage, the calculation of minutes is moved to the background, thus eliminating the need for minute hands.

Light and colored plays played an auxiliary role in Skull 48.8's play. The three limited editions contain red, green and blue liquids. As each shadow flows around the skull to represent the passing life, it expands its contrasting effect on the monochrome backing of the galvanized dial and titanium case. This deliberate tension fascinates the eyes, just like the effect of light on the untreated modern gray surface that has been treated differently. It is the gray fabric belt in the structure that matches the color tone that confirms the color coding force. Zenith Pilot replica Watches