Franck Muller Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton V 50 REV 3 PR SQT (NR) OG

Franck Muller Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton V 50 REV 3 PR SQT (NR) OG

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Great Central is a new group of GENTHOD Moderators with a backweight device.


GENTHOD's watchmakers launched a new sequence with Touri Wheel because the main role. This brand fresh FRANCK MULLER Grand Key is placed in the center of the face. There is no doubt that this is one of the most difficulties of the master's work. Beneath the taste of the high-end enjoy collector, its value is obviously rising. Franck Muller Middle Grand Central is playing any gymnite, and people's needs are also evoked.


This is a complete original make use of a newly developed movement. Is actually big, in the centrally evident Touri Wheel has pressured us to rethink the complete technical structure of the competence. The new movement of the Franck Muller's large central place is also standing out by the specific instructions of the second in addition to seconds. The innovation method around the Tyu Wheel provides once again highlights thousands of impressive technologies and innovation advice provided by Frank Muller. Here is the FM CX 40T-CTR movements, which has strong four-day strength storage due to eccentric bidirectional rotation miniature rotors. Cheap Breitling Endurance Pro



Good place in the big central location is the redesign of Franck Muller's classic " CINTRéECURVEX" box. The new aesthetic option successfully extends the blue crystal of the case to the passageway with the bracelet, so that the watch dial is more visible. Suitable with all the surface of the surface with the dial due to the binding from the material, two tones are usually obtained, such as a gold property and a finishing steel clapboard. A subtle architectural online game that can better show attribute Frank Muller numbers. Refined, more modern redesigned, preserved high end watch finishes, with routine twisted trim (20-layer transparent varnish) and handmade Persia numbers.


The newest movement of this FRANCK MULLER Grand Centra will be displayed in the background and highlight Geneva. There are a lot of good details, for instance rising sun rose around the rotor and the cartridge, as well as chamfer on the bridge and also rotor base. The size of the best central sports was 49. 70 x 40. of sixteen mm, with a thickness of seven. 73 mm. There are diverse versions of different materials, including titanium alloys with PVD, steel and gold, as a result of color such as blue or perhaps anthracating coal, therefore includes a true motion appearance. This can be a water trip at fifty meters. Franck Muller The particular Central Grand Theater again played the role in the gourdon, so that the mechanic has been surprised. perfect replica Watches


Franc Muller Awesome Central



FM CX 40T-CTR automatic


Touri wheel


58. 75 x 40. 16 millimeter, 30 meters




Crocodile skin


Rose gold and titanium PVD / iron




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